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I moved some more stuff into the apartment today. Mike G helped me and my Mom, Dad, and brother dropped off and helped move in some of the furniture that my mom's been collecting. Kitchen table, chairs, little couch, living room chair, microwave stand, TV stand thing.

and now I'm tired. I should read for my exams coming up next week.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I got a full time job with the Division of the Budget? Heck yes. I'm working in the Health Unit, and my office is in the capitol....a mere 2 blocks right down from my apartment.


Derek and I are going to sign the lease for our apartment tomorrow! It's on State St, about 2 blocks from where I work. yessssssss!

all dressed up

I wanted to dye easter eggs tonight. Then I realized that no one my age is really into that kind of thing...I feel stupid. Now I have a 1.5 dozen eggs and nowhere to go.
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Every week Hannah (curtaincalled)posts a fake indie album cover following this formula, which I find pretty amusing. I tried it out and this is what I got. I think I will do one once in a while.

In the Globe today there was a funny little article about a formula that can turn out fake indie album covers.

The steps are simple:

1. For the band name, click the "random page" link on Wikipedia and choose the title of the first page you get.

2. For the album title, go to's random quotes generator and take the last four words of the third random quote you get.

3. For the album art, go to flickr and choose the third photo you find on their "interesting pictures this week" page.

4. Photoshop.

my first attempt


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Today I was thinking that maybe I'llgo back and tag all my old entries. I wonder how long that would take. Also, maybe I'll upgrade to a PLUS account or paid account, but I dunno. I gotta look into it.

Ah, I've had this journal since March 2003. Wow. Is there a way to see how many entries I've mad all together? Anyone?

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Today Colleen emailed me my part for Vagina Monologues. I am going to do Bob aka Because He Liked to Look at It. It's cool, because I sort of have my own Bob :). VM is a little late this year, normally we are actually performing the play around this time. But rehearsals just started, and we'll probably have the production in mid to late March. It's my fourth year doing it, I am excited!

The weather today is just plain yuck. It snowed about 5 inches last night, and now it has been raining since this morning. There is so much slush, the parking lot is a mess. Of course I was late to class this morning, so I didn't bother running back in to my apartment to grab my umbrella. I also forgot my camera, which I was going to use to take some pictures for my photojournalism class. Oh well.

OH, new camera. It's a Nikon D70S DSLR. Way exciting! I got it used from B&H, and it's probably something I should have gotten a long time ago. I haven't played around with it a lot, but so far I like it.

Last night I went to a lecture on campus for Sexuality Week. It was Talk Sex with Sue, with Sue Johansen. It was pretty good, although it seemed to scripted at times. I went with Kelly, Rachel, Mike & Amanda, Liz, and Danielle. We were all amused. I took some pictures to test out my new camera, but I couldn't get too close, so they're not that great.

TODAY in the yucky weather I went over to the RACC because they were having a job fair. A few places were midly interesting, but not really. Since it was rainy, and also since I got give too much of a crap, I didn't wear my suit. I wore nice pants and a black shirt, but I also wore my converses. If it hadn't been rainy or if I wasn't in a rush this morning, or if I didn't feel like sticking it to all those Suits, maybe I would've brought my dress shoes. But w/e.

first monday of the semester

I thought today would be unbearable long, but it wasn't bad.
I had two classes this morning, from 10:25am to 12:25pm. BLAW and Threatre History, both classes I like. Then I scampered over to the bus which I miraculously caught at 12:30, lets hope I am always that lucky. So I worked til 5, and the bus ride home was annoying (what else is new?) But tonight it was particularly crowded and the driver wouldn't even let people on the bus between the downtown campus and Quail St., where there was a good 15 people looking to get on the bus. Either the 10 needs to start stopping at UA again, or there needs to be more buses.

I got back to Empire and had a yummy hummus sandwich for dinner :D Tonight was my first Jazz Ensemble rehearsal, which went well. There are 5 trumpets, 1 trombone, 7ish assorted saxes, a couple guitar and bass players, a drummer, and piano player. I am only one of two girls! I'm also playing the last chair in the section, but that's fine with me. I could barely play a scale in thirds today, I am out of practice! I'm just happy to be playing again. We only have two concerts, one in Feb. and one in March, then we're done. Easy 1 credit A, hehe.

Tomorrow I have my Business Finance class at 8:45am. I don't think I'm going to like the class too much, but it should be easy.